• Welcome To Grown Up Frogs



    Welcome to Grown Up Frogs, a Simple Website where you can play the fastest type of Lotto. All you have to do is buy your tokens and then bet them in the lottery. Every token you bet adds 80 Pence that could be yours if you win!



    Why is this the fastest Lotto?


    Each lotto draw happens faster then any other website. A lotto draw can range from 3 hours to just 10 minutes. When you enter the lotto we limit the amount of players that can bet. This allows each player to have more of a chance at winning the final draw. The limit of players depends on the game. Some games may allow many players to enter at a time and last longer. Some games will allow less players and last less time.



    How Can I Play?

    To get started it is very simple! All you have to do is click register at the top and fill in the boxes. When you have signed up you can then go ahead and login, purchase the amount of tokens you would like and get betting!


    Good Luck!